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Quality and Affordable New Jersey Wedding Videography

Welcome to our website. If you are looking for a professional, quality but affordable wedding videography in New Jersey then you are in the right place. We at P Studio appreciate you taking a moment to sample the work of our professional team whose expertise, eye for detail and diligence have continued to captivate our clients for over 20 years. We continue to receive clients, not just from our beautiful New Jersey that has numerous scenic drives and parks, but also from other states of the US. We are based in Central New Jersey and we offer the full range of services in our field including videography, photography, editing, animation and motion graphic design.

WeddingWire P Studio Production Reviews, Best Wedding Videographers in Newark - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner

Our outstanding artistry comes in optimal packages starting at $1,495 and it comprises:

  • Full 6 hour coverage and its complete raw video
  • Neatly edited video on DVD
  • Nice and flowing organization of Video Chapters
  • Superb and professional Video Titling

Our add-on services have continued to raise our ranking and you may need to book us a little bit early to ensure you secure our services whose quality is always guaranteed. We personalize our photo and video editing to suit you and also available Blu Ray Disc storage and online web hosting.

Get ready for those stylish magazine poses that the fashion industry is known to pull off. Our artistic and professional photographers will give you a photo book that reflects the glamour and joy that engulfs a well-planned and beautiful wedding.

And when it comes to securing the joy and glamour, you may wish to seriously consider having both our experienced photographers and videographers. While our photography brings out all the beautiful images, the real warmth, mood and varying emotions will flow along the video tape showing you the nervous moments of the morning, the exciting moments of the day and possibly a quirky comedian rib-cracking your wedding attendants. Our professional wedding videographers capture the wedding couples’ brilliant smiles and penetrating looks and create for them that important part of history that the couplesare able to re-visit and reminisce on later in life.

As for our wedding DVDs, we are flexible in handling your needs which we cater for to your satisfaction. We apply our professionalism in your ideas and compile a wedding video that portrays your interests and individualism. We can begin to cover you prior to the wedding and capture those unique moments in the build-up to the wedding, and when your wedding video is finally complete, P Studio will have produced captions, images and sounds that are uniquely part of your lives. For further evidence of our high quality services, you are welcome to download wedding clips from our website.

Back to the time preceding the wedding-how do you visualize the bride-to-be trying out gown after gown before finally settling on one that gives her that gorgeous look? How about the excitement of an engagement announcement party? Just getting us to capture those moments that mean a lot to you will get you a wedding video that brings out the personality of you both - bride and groom - always reminding you of the beautiful things that drew you to each other. Of course, the emotion of the marriage vows on video is something no other medium can give you.

Just give us a call today on 732-986—6332, or see us in person. Check out our address below.

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